For this assignment, I was simply required to do a series of four images, leaving me with plenty of space to play with ideas. As I do love shooting glass and alcohol bottles, I approached the popular fruity flavored vodka, Svedka, with an energetic and dramatic series in mind. I knew I wanted depth and drama. After a couple test sessions in the studio this sketch and concept showed to be the best, most challenging yet doable in the time frame given.  This sketch was just one of roughly a dozen Ideas.

The Set

After research and planning I was able to rig up a waterproof and splash safe set for the upcoming mess of liquids and fruits. Armed with plenty of towels and plastic wrap I was able to keep the set surprisingly clean. Turns out binge watching Dexter actually paid off; my plastic wrapping was spot on. 

The gallery below has some other shots of setting up and shooting thanks to the help of Sam Kang. I couldn't have made it happen without the help of friends Sam, Jason, Kaitlyn and Rose in prepping, styling, and making a mess.


Just and handful out of hundreds taken during the shoot. 

The Process

Final Images