Unlimited Workspace

The Breakdown

The assignment: Shoot something based on what inspires you. 

A very open, thought provoking assignment that I was able to have a lot of fun with. I jumped into research of surrealist painters and artists of the likes of Dali, Vladimir Kush, and photographer Erik Johansson. I wanted to explore imagination, and what would an ideal work space be for someone of a specific craft. I looked into craftsmen of respective trades narrowing it down three of my strongest ideas.

Check out how it all broke down from here!


A small selection of many, many pages of trial and error sketches until I found the right one. After days of doodles, research, bouncing ideas around with peers, and narrowing down my concept I was able to select and proceed with 3 images I wanted to create. By far one of the most fun parts of the process, especially with an assignment based around imagination!

Pre Comps

After the sketches through together so comps to test my light, composition, props, and see out everything and anything I may need for shoot day. Also, day 1 of 4 without furniture in the apartment. Day 1 of 4 of eating dinner on the floor. 

Shoot Day

Working with models that are well versed in the field I was trying to portray made this shoot significantly easier. This required minimal direction and allowed me to put my time into the set, and I put quite a bit of time in to the set up. Shooting with a composite in mind, I was constantly setting up chairs, desks, tables, stool, and dozens of linens and tearing them down, and setting up and tearing down... and so on.

Balancing objects is now a new found hobby of mine. 

Post Production

Up there with sketches, one my favorite parts of this production. Bringing all the elements of the shoot together into one, singular, seamless piece. One late studio night with a little Across the Universe on my laptop, mixed in with some Michael Jackson spotify radio, to bang out the final makings of the images. 

Final Images