One Blue Slip : Subway Ad

For this client I was tasked with creating a scene featuring the beautiful promenade amenity space for NYC luxury apartment building One Blue Slip. Although the space was undergoing construction, it was my job to complete the construction with the help of my team to capture the raw materials to get the job done.

The final result, an image with almost every aspect having the ability to be moved freely around the image, like a characters on a Monopoly board. With ideas and input from the client coming in at all times of the creative process, being able to control any element of the image at an instant makes for happy clients and an efficient, streamline workflow for the entire team. The images then ran in dozens of subway stations across New York City.

Check out how it all went down, hope you enjoy!

The Pieces

A few of the many pieces of this puzzle, shot by the team and used to put together in the final composite.

The Composite Process

The Final Ad

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 2.03.08 PM.png
Image from iOS (2).jpg
Image from iOS (1).jpg